Best When Fresh

The Word of God is best eaten when it is fresh.

If God is speaking to you today, you don’t want that Word a week from now, or God forbid next year. You need it now. Just like a banana that has been left out on the counter for way too long (and when you pick it up it disintegrates in your hand and you wish you would have just eaten that thing a week ago) God’s Word needs to be eaten daily, fresh, and straight from the source.

If children have done anything in my life, it would be that my babies have taught me how to live in the now. Years ago, I was a planner, a worrier, and a daydreamer. Truth is, I was downright flighty. Now, God has downright done marvelous works in me and one of them is that I am more grounded than I ever have been. My kids are helping me every day to perfect this. Your children are also helping you to perfect the art of living in the present.

When the baby is crying, we can’t strategize the latest plans from a book you’re currently reading and go back to check and double check before you pick him up. The soothing comes automatic, doesn’t it? You can’t plan on picking up your toddler with a scraped knee later when it feels good for you, can you? No. You run to your baby with magic kisses and prayers. These things just come automatically.

It both horrifies me and comforts me that “Dana the Mommy” is pretty much set on autopilot most of the day. It horrifies me because I am terrified of messing up my kids and every time I open my mouth and my dad jumps out it startles me. However, it comforts me because sometimes I open my mouth and my Heavenly Father jumps out. I can trust that He’s the One in control.

So, if a huge chunk of our children’s lives is made up of the example of what automatically comes out of us, Sunday School is not enough. Christian parents should be just that, right? Christ following parents dedicated to raising salt and light. So firstly, we must be dedicated to Christ and secondly, to our families. We must look to Jesus to be the ultimate example for us to emulate back to our little ones.

It is my belief that large concepts of the gospel and the Christian faith can be grasped by even the littlest children. 2 Timothy 3:15¹ references that Timothy’s mother and grandmother took the time to teach him scripture. What is interesting about the word “child” in this instance of scripture is that every other occurrence of the exact same Greek word brephos is translated as infant or babe. This is the same babe as in Luke 1:41² when John the Baptist leaped in his mother Elisabeth’s womb. Essentially, this verse is saying that Timothy was taught the holy scriptures from as far back as he could remember … and even further than that into the womb.

So what are we to do in the fast-paced, mommy-card-toting, playdate-penciling modern era we find ourselves in? The same exact thing. We should seek God’s Word fresh, every day. I know I, myself, never seem to have enough time to devote to the Word of God properly but I assure you, He will reward the effort given. Your children will be blessed from even a quick chapter read on the phone while stirring around the morning’s eggs.

We are to make sure that we are in the holy scriptures so that our automatic response to life’s moments is with God’s Word and Wisdom. Our children are watching and learning from our example. And yes, I’m writing to me. Some days no matter how hard I try, it seems like I fail but thankfully, God’s mercies are fresh every morning too.

¹2 Timothy 3:15 (KJV) “And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.”

²Luke 1:41 (KJV) “And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost:”


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