About Raising Salt and Light

This story is all of us.

I’ve got to give it to Christian parents. It takes hard work and dedication to raise godly men and women instead of good little boys and girls. It’s really not a walk in the park whether you’re working with your spouse as teammates or if you’re a single parent representing both mother and father.

When you’re a Christian mom or dad, the stakes get a little higher. We are challenged with focusing on eternity in the midst of a dirty house, bills due, and obligations. We must point the way to Jesus when we are tired. We must take time to pray for scraped knees when we haven’t even taken time to eat lunch for ourselves. We get up early to get our families ready for Sunday School week after week and sometimes wonder if it’s worth it. To answer- yes, it’s totally worth it.

You see, when Christian parents are weak, God is made strong. When you are tired, lonely, anxious, or simply wanting peace, God is there to hold you, help you and often carry you. He is not just the ace up the sleeve for successful Christian parenting though, He is everything. He hand made your little one for a specific purpose and gave them to you because He knew that you would show them the way to that purpose. This is much more than just keeping your baby alive long enough to graduate, this is ministry.

I guess this is where I’m supposed to give you a long list of credentials to impress you. Let me start by saying Hello! My name is Dana and I will disappoint you if you’re looking for the perfect, know-it-all mom. All of the good parts of my story are actually all about God, not me. My story just fits in like a puzzle piece with yours and other Christian parents who all take our place in a long line of “begats” that God is reaching the world through.

This is my story. This is your story. This is all of us sharing in God’s story.