Exploring Family Worship Time: Part 1

So what is Family Worship Time? Do we as parents have to go to seminary or begin our own house church? Absolutely not. I guarantee you that you’re already doing most of these things daily. 

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Down to the Water

This past Sunday there was a baptism at my church. Traditionally, we go to a large nearby creek for all of our baptisms. It’s part of the charm of our little country church. However, recently, the community dredged the bottom of the creek to prevent local children from swimming in it and our church had […]

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Out of the Mouths of Babes…

My little ones and my husband are all taking a nap right now and my house is silent. Like, eerily quiet.  This almost never happens. With this midday break from the chaos and bustle of busy toddlers I find myself trying not to be selfish with my time but rather reflective. We as parents begin […]

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